Here's what some of Zalman, Schnurman & Miner's Clients have to say About the firm.

June R., Esquire
Garden City, NY
Marc is a true advocate for his clients. He works tirelessly and selflessly to ascertain the most just result for his clients. He will not take the easy road, but the road that will lead to success for those who have retained him.

John P.
Bronx, NY
As a former client of Zalman, Schnurman & Miner, I had a unique circumstance wherein I was involved in multiple car accidents within a three week period. I'm happy to report, we settled out of court in the first accident and won the second case via arbitration. Zalman, Schnurman & Miner consistently provided quality service and concern for my well being.

I was fortunate to have Marc Miner as my attorney. He is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney. He is very quick in responses and very respectful to the client. He has a great personality and very responsible. My case was settled in the great terms and I was very satisfied with the amount work he did. Definitely recommend him to you. You won’t regret.

Chris F.
Staten Island, NY
I was in an accident that required surgery along with a lot of doctor visits. I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Miner as my lawyer. The job he did was top notch. He kept on top of my doctor visits and his firm did an unbelievable job keeping in touch with me through everything. Mr. Miner also was generally concerned about my health and I received numerous phone calls after my neck surgery just to see how I was feeling and if I needed anything to help with my recovery. He is very professional and moved my case along very quickly and got me the best possible outcome. This is a top notch firm. Thank you Marc for everything.

May S.
Queens, NY
Marc won my mother’s case when I thought there was no chance of winning. He’s got the knowledge and experience one would hope for. And most importantly enough, he genuinely cares! He is on the top of my list to recommend to friends and family.

Karina J.
I want to thank Marc Miner of Zalman, Schnurman & Miner, he has done a fantastic and professional job for me and my family. I came from Denmark and during a vacation with my family in New York, I fell on a sidewalk (hole) and injured my hand. I contacted Marc Miner when I was back in Denmark, and Marc immediately went down the street to take pictures and had an engineer measure the hole etc. Marc Miner was able to settle my case on very good terms, many months before the start of the trial.

Fred R.
Manhattan, NY
I want to thank Zalman, Schnurman & Miner for their services in representing me in my claim for damages resulting from a fall. As a fellow lawyer, I appreciate the fact that their office was responsive, diligent, efficient and effective. Most importantly, Zalman, Schnurman and Miner succeeded in settling my case on extremely favorable terms.

Westchester, NY
I retained Zalman, Schnurman & Miner P.C. after I fell and broke my wrist. The firm quickly worked and determined my fall was due to negligence of the property owner. After nearly two years my case was settled. During the process I learned a lot about our legal system. This is largely due to my attorney, Marc Miner, his firm and staff. Marc always kept me informed, was professional, and knowledgeable. I never felt I was “in the dark”. Our communication was great and I am very pleased with my settlement.

Sharon S.
Brooklyn, NY
I was referred to Marc Miner after my finger was severed in a closing car window. He was extremely professional and handled my case with care. Furthermore, if he wasn't in the office when i called, he would return my call promptly. I felt he was always there for me. His office staff was extremely nice, as well. The case was settled, without having to go to court, and I am pleased with the settlement. I highly recommend Marc Miner!!!

Mark C.
Manhattan, NY
I would like to Thank Zalman, Schnurman & Miner for their endless dedication and compassion in representing me. Their passion to provide justice for all is reflected in not just the time they gave to me as a client, but their patience in guiding us through the endless trail of paperwork. Their Knowledge of the Law was truly inspiring from day one.

Elihu S.
Manhattan, NY
My wife Geraldine was in an accident while bicycling. The accident occurred at the fault of another party and necessitated two major surgeries, as well as, an extended period of rehabilitation. We contacted several attorneys who agreed that the other party was at fault. However, they all refused to take us on as clients because they thought the recoverable damages would be too small to make the case worthwhile. Upon the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Marc Miner. Mr. Miner did not hesitate to take us on as clients. He pursued all appropriate actions and was able to achieve a reasonable settlement for us. In short, Mr. Miner took us on because of the merits of the case and not because of its monetary value. We would unhesitatingly recommend Mr. Miner to anyone who sustains an injury and deserves recompense.

Anthony M.
New York
I would highly recommend Marc for any personal injury case in NY.

Brooklyn, NY
My husband and I sought the counsel of Marc Miner after our landlord refused to properly exterminate our bed bug infested building. We were left distraught after the experience, and had to move, fumigate all of our belongings, and buy new furniture. We were lucky to find Marc and his team, who were a pleasure to work with. They helped us reach a favorable settlement and ensured we were compensated for the money spent during our ordeal. We highly recommend Marc and his team to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer.

Queens, NY
I was impressed with the firm immediately. They showed kindness and a good listening ear in our initial conversation and throughout my legal journey. They took my case when nobody else would and always paid infinite attention to detail, even though my case was not a big claim in the grand scheme of settlements. The respect they gave to my concerns will not be forgotten. I'd recommend the firm to anyone without hesitation.

Madelyn G.
Marc is a Rock Star! I would recommend him and use him again in a heartbeat!

Kerstin B.
Manhattan, NY
Marc was considerate and understanding and his law firm, Zalman Schnurman & Miner P.C., went above and beyond. Marc Miner is an amazing and very professional attorney. He was always on call personally for any question and concern throughout my case, he guided me through the case patiently and very professionally and i always trusted his advice. I am very grateful for a fantastic settlement.

Julie S.
New York
Marc is an exceptional attorney who does not only advocates for his clients, but also ensures that their interests are well represented.

Ludmila B.
Queens, NY
Marc was recommended to me by a few of my colleagues from work. I was in a bad car accident and needed professional help. Marc completely changed my expectations as to what a personal injury lawyer could do. He was fantastic and everything was taken care of. Marc's professionalism was unquestionable. I would recommend him to anybody who needs a caring lawyer to solve their problem.

Chrissy L.
New Jersey
Marc is a fantastic attorney. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking trustworthy personal injury representation in NY.

William L.
Marc took our case when others would not. His personal service was excellent throughout the process. We recommend Mark to anyone wanting excellent representation that delivers real financial settlements

Mohammed R.
Brooklyn, NY
Marc is a great attorney, he reached a settlement in a short time. He is the lawyer that I was looking for.

May B.
New York
Marc Miner is an excellent personal injury and accident lawyer. He helped me at the last minute, on the literal final day for filing a judgment. After 90 days I would have stood no chance of filing a law suit, but to my amazement, Marc was able to gain a settlement for me. I would recommend Marc to anyone who needs legal services in this area.
I would definitely recommend Mr. Marc Miner. He always kept me well informed of every step he took in my accident case. He always responded in good time and I was very pleased with the results of my case.

Marc was superb. No matter small or large, he clearly treats every client with the same attention. Other attorneys declined to take our case because it was considered not economically worth while to them. Our concern was justice and not just the size of the case judgment. Marc gave us the same attention and service as if it was a mutimillion dollar claim. I would recommend him to a friend or colleague without hesitation.

Adis F.
New York
Marc was great, I couldn’t be happier.

New York
I am a client who has extremely high expectations I will work your fingers to the bones I will ask 1000 questions I will expect 2000 answers and I want everything Completed yesterday. In retrospect I know that is not fair and I am not the only client however I must say attorney Marc Miner and his staff exceeded ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS, This law Firm did a superb job with my case and always kept me in the loop by written or verbal correspondence. This was my 1st time dealing with Mr. Miner and his staff but they are will definitely be my go to attorney's hence now and forever. Thank you so much for Fighting hard and Making sure that I get every penny that was due to me.

K S.
New York
I was fortunate to have Marc Miner as my attorney. He is very quick in responses and very respectful to the client. He has a great personality and is very responsible. My case was settled on great terms and I was very satisfied with the amount of work he did. Definitely recommend him. You won’t regret.
Marc is a hero. Without his representation, I do not know how I would have financially overcome my accident. Highly skilled, dedicated, ethical, supportive and eager to answer any questions regarding your case.

New York
Marc took our case when others would not. His personal service was excellent throughout the process. We recommend Marc to anyone wanting excellent representation that delivers real financial settlements
I would like to say that I was very happy with Mr. Miner. We had a consultation and he outlined clearly my options. He was attentive and followed up with me every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend this law firm.

The legal team of Zalman,Schnurman and Miner assisted me with a lawsuit after I tripped on a cement sidewalk that was improperly leveled. I had serious facial injuries as a result of this fall. Mr. Miner represented me as my attorney He was efficient, caring, and attentive throughout the legal process I want to give a special thank you to the Paralegal Michele Pinto for her most caring and compassionate attention during the process I highly recommend the firm of Zalman, Schnurman, and Miner to represent victims of negligence.

Rebecca S.
Marc Miner was my attorney for a personal injury case. Although the opposing party delayed and were difficult to work with, Marc persevered to reach a satisfactory settlement. Along the way, I had a number of questions and concerns that he was always quick to answer thoroughly. I highly recommend Marc Miner's services for anyone who is in need of them. You will be happy to have such a competent and responsive lawyer representing you.

Sudan D.
Marc and his team represented my husband and I in an injury case. Marc provided exceptional service. He's detail oriented and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. I felt comfortable asking questions. He provided guidance, was thorough with his explanations and kept me in the loop at all times. I would highly recommend Marc Miner and his firm, it's like being on a win win team!

Hedy S.
There are not enough words to describe the positive results I received for my accident from the law firm of Zalman, Schnurman and particularly from Marc Miner. Marc Miner, Esq. and his firm were extreme consummate professionals from beginning to end. Mr. Miner accompanied me to my deposition and continuously responded quickly to every question or inquiry pertaining to my case. There's no question that I would highly recommend the Law Firm of Zalman, Schnurman & Miner for any and all legal matters.

Russell D.
Marc Miner and his team did a great job with my case. He was easy to work with and explained everything clearly along the way. I always knew where we were in the process and what the next steps would be. I had his full attention in meetings, and I knew he was working on my case from start to finish.

Antonette S.
I was extremely pleased with the services I received. Marc Miner handled my case in a very professional manner, he was always responsive to my calls, and provided appropriate feedback to my questions and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm.

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