Bed Bugs are Everywhere

Everywhere you turn the media is talking about bed bugs. USA Today had a big article about bed bugs in office buildings, The Daily News declared New York City a Bed Bug City on the front page. an Orkin news release touts New York City as the bed bug capital of the world and even the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night had a piece about bed bugs with an Isabella Rossellini clip and discussion about bed bugs being found in such stores as Victoria's Secrets. The bit about Victoria's Secrets was of note because they found bed bugs in a store after prophylactically doing a bug check with dogs. In this day and age where the issue is in the news daily, business owners must consider the need to check for bed bugs before a complaint is received. By spending some money to catch the problem early, a lot of time, money , and aggravation can be avoided later. - Marc Miner

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