Falls From Heights at Construction Sites in New York

If you or someone you know has fallen from a height at a construction sight you should contact a lawyer who is experienced in such matters as soon as possible. The attorneys at Zalman Schnurman & Miner have handled many New York construction accident cases and are happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your case. Falls from ladders, scaffolds, and heights at constrcution sites often result in serious injuries. Owners and contractors at construction sites are required by New York State Law to provide safety devices to prevent falls. If a construction worker has fallen, more likely than not the proper safety device has not been provided. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney who handles falls at construction sites. This is because an attorney experienced with construction sight accidents will be familiar with the codes, rules, regulations and laws which govern construction accidents. Often, an employer will try and place the blame for the construction accident on the injured party. I have had cases where the owner of the property has called me up at the beginning of the case and told me that we would be wasting our time to bring a lawsuit on behalf of our client as the accident was all his fault. Needless to say, at the end of the case we negotiated a substantial settlement on behalf of our client. Our office has handle cases with the following scenarios where construction workers were injured in falls: -A construction worker fell when the scaffold he built collapsed -A construction worker fell when his A-frame ladder, which was leaning against the wall, slid out from under him. -A construction worker fell when the A-frame ladder he was on tipped over. -A construction worker fell when his extension ladder slipped out from under him. -A construction worker fell through an elevator shaft which was being boarded up. -A construction worker fell through an opening in the floor when a pice of plywood gave way. -A construction worker fell while working on top of a wall which did not extend all the way to the ceiling. In each of the above cases, and many others, we have been able to prove that the owner and/or general contractors did not provided the necessary or proper safety devices to protect the injured worker. In each case we were able to obtain a substantial recovery for our client. If you or someone you know has been injured in fall or other accident at a construction site do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation. Zalman Schnurman & Miner P.C. is a New York law firm that concentrates in New York personal injury actions such as construction accidents, including falls from heights, being struck by fallen objects, falls from ladders, falls from scaffolds, falls through holes, falls from heights, slips and trips at construction sites, etc. We also handle all other types of accident cases such as motor vehicle accidents, slips in stores, slips and falls in homes, slips in apartment buildings, slips and falls in restaurants, stairway accidents, slips and falls at construction sites, premises liability, trip and falls, slip and falls, snow and ice cases, serious injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, including many other injury cases. Learn more at www.1800Lawline.com, or contact us at 1-800-LAWLINE, or 1-800-529-5463 Zalman Schnurman & Miner P.C. handles personal injury actions in New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, and Rockland County. We can often refer you to attorneys in other areas that we have worked with in the past. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not meant as legal advice or to cover all possible facts or factors. An attorney should be consulted to discuss specific facts and laws.

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