Trips and Falls at Construction Sites in New York

Do you need an attorney for a trip and fall at a New York construction site? The NY lawyers at Zalman Schnurman & Miner are experienced at handling trip and fall accidents at construction sites in NYC and throughout the state. Construction sites are dangerous places.  At construction sites there are many moving parts, different trades and contractors, all types of heavy machinery and tools, and workers above, below and to the side.  Cables, wires, tools and debris often litter the ground.  The ground may be uneven due to digging or equipment tire tracks.  Workers are often burdened by having to carry heavy objects.  As a result it is not uncommon for construction workers or visitors at construction sites to trip and fall and injure themselves.  Because of the added risk of working at a construction site in New York, there are many rules and laws in place to protect workers and visitors.  All owners and general contractors must make the are reasonably safe for those on the property.  This rule is codified for workers in New York State Labor Law Section 200. There are also many specific rules to protect workers at construction sites which owners and General Contractors must follow pursuant to New York State Labor Law 241(6) and the New York Industial Board of Appeals. For example Section 23-1.7(e) of the New York Industrial Board of Appeals sets forth that:
Tripping and other hazards. (1) Passageways. All passageways shall be kept free from accumulations of dirt and debris and from any other obstructions or conditions which could cause tripping. Sharp projections which could cut or puncture any person shall be removed or covered. (2) Working areas. The parts of floors, platforms and similar areas where persons work or pass shall be kept free from accumulations of dirt and debris and from scattered tools and materials and from sharp projections insofar as may be consistent with the work being performed.
If violation of a section of the New York State Board of appeals is violated, and the section sets forth specific guidelines as the ones above do, then the owner or general contractor of a construction site will be held strictly liable for the injuries suffered by a construction worker on the site in New York.  Of course whether a specific guideline applies to a specific set of facts is open to interpretation and argument.  Thus, it is best to consult a lawyer experienced in handling construction cases in New York. There are many rules, laws and codes which may apply and effect recovery, and thus it is important that an experienced New York lawyer be consulted who has handled many trip and fall accidents at construction sites. At Zalman Schnurman & Miner we have handled many trip and fall cases at construction sites in New York City and throughout the State, and know both how to prove fault and damages.  Please feel free to call us for a free consultation, as well as check out our other blog entries and articles about construction accidents on our website. Zalman Schnurman & Miner P.C. is a New York law firm that concentrates in New York personal injury actions such as construction accidents, including trips and falls, slips and falls on water, slips on ice, slips and falls on foreign substances, slips on garbage, slips and falls on debris, falls from ladders, falls from scaffolds, falls through holes, falls from heights, etc.  We also handle all other types of accident cases such as slips in stores, slips and falls in homes, slips in apartment buildings, slips and falls in restaurants, stairway accidents, slips and falls at construction sites,  premises liability, trip and falls, slip and falls, snow and ice cases, motor vehicle accidents, ceiling collapses, wrongful death, serious injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, including many other injury cases. Learn more at, or contact us at 1-800-LAWLINE, or 1-800-529-5463 Zalman Schnurman & Miner P.C. handles personal injury actions in New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, and Rockland County. We can often refer you to attorneys in other areas that we have worked with in the past. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not meant as legal advice or to cover all possible facts or factors. An attorney should be consulted to discuss specific facts and laws.

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