Manhattan Office Building Strikes Again - Injuring Pedestrian With Falling Ice

In a previous article we discussed the duties of building owners to safeguard pedestrians from ice, snow and other objects falling off their buildings and injuring pedestrians. Unfortunately, at least one office building in Midtown Manhattan is a repeat offender in allowing snow and ice to fall from the building on to the sidewalk, injuring pedestrians.

As reported in the Daily News, a pedestrian was injured on March 15, 2017 from snow and ice falling of Arcade Plaza, an office building on 48th Street in NYC, Manhattan. This is not the first time that ice has fallen off that building and struck a pedestrian, as this office previously represented a gentleman who was also struck by ice which fell off the same building. As a result of that incident the building owner, Plaza Arcade Realty Company was issued a Violation by the NYC Department of Buildings for failing to properly maintain their building.

The owner of Arcade Plaza was clearly on notice of a dangerous condition, and snow falling from the building, and thus had a legal obligation to remedy the condition by keeping the ice and snow from falling and/or closing off the sidewalk and warning pedestrians of the danger. Having done neither, yet another, innocent pedestrian was injured due to their negligence.

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