Back to the 1980's: One Client's Dream


The goal in every personal injury case is to obtain monetary compensation for the person who was injured. Usually the money received is tax free, that is because there is no profit being made, but rather (in theory) one is being “made whole” for the injuries suffered. What our clients do with their monetary compensation is then totally up to them. Most times we are not told what happens to the money, but sometimes we are.

For some the money is a fresh start allowing them to pay off bills.Other people invest for their retirement, or their children’s education.The most common major purchases I hear about are a down payment on a home, a car, or a vacation. One client took a trip around the world!

However, perhaps the most unique use of the funds has been by client John Annunziato. John used the money received to work full time on his dream project: creating and being recognized as having the largest collection of 1980’s paraphernalia in the world.

Within one month in 2014 John was involved in two car accidents. At the time he had been working as a manager at a center for rehabilitation and therapy. A job he loved, but which became increasingly difficult to do due to his injuries. When he received his settlements from the cases, he used the money to work on his website and 1980’s collection. Visiting his website (or Facebook, Instagram, twitter or YouTube sites) is like traveling back in time to the 1980’s. John has uploaded pictures and videos of over 20,000 1980’s related games, movies, ads, toys, and anything else you could think of from his favorite decade, and that’s not even half of his collection. John’s collection and story has been featured among other places, in the NY Post, News 12, Yahoo Lifestyle, The Bronx Times, SYFY Wire, and now here. His Facebook page alone has over 100,000 followers.He is well on the way to achieving his goal of worldwide recognition as the owner of the largest 1980 Collection in the world. Good luck John!!! To learn more about John Annunziato’s story and 1980’s collection, visit

If you would like to share your story of how you used your settlement proceeds, let us know.

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